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The document format below is provided to help clubs document their organization of a Bocce Club. 

XYZ Bocce Club Organizational Document

This XYZ Bocce Club is an organization for the purpose of:

1.  Promoting competitive team Bocce play among the members of the Bocce Club.
2.  Promoting competition in tournaments and with other Bocce clubs.
3.  Promoting the maintenance and improvement of the Bocce Club's Bocce courts.
4.   Promoting the game of Bocce in general.

Members must know the rules of play, have play experience, demonstrate a reasonable skill at playing the game, and commit to a season of play.

Due to limited courts and court time, membership size may be limited.

A membership fee may be charged to cover incidental expenses and trophies.


Activities of the Bocce Club may include (but not limited to) the following:

1.  Team Play Tournaments and/or league type play of teams formed within the Bocce Club.
2.  External Competition, Leagues, and Tournaments Competition with other Bocce clubs and/or teams in the area. One or more teams, as required, will be formed that will best represent the Bocce Club in the competition. 
3.  Social activities for members. 
4.  Fund raising activities to sponsor Bocce events or Bocce court improvements, if needed. 

Team Formation

Intra-club Team Play

Team formation for intra-club team play will depend on the number of club members at the time teams are formed and court times available. Teams will be formed by the Bocce Club Committee per methods designed to form teams as balanced as possible. Non-team player members serve as alternates for all teams.

Members who join after teams are formed will be placed on the alternate list. Any members at the time teams are formed that are not assigned to a team serve as alternates for all the teams and have priority for replacement of team members.

External Team Play or Tournaments

Teams for external team play will be formed by the Bocce Club Committee to have 4 members and one or more alternates on each team. Players will be selected that will form the strongest possible teams to represent the Bocce Club. Team players are responsible for all fees involved and transportation.

Game Rules

Bocce games played on the Bocce Club's courts will be played using the published set of the Bocce Club's rules based on the Bocce Standards Association League and Tournament Rules.

For Bocce games played at other Bocce courts, players and guests of the Bocce Club shall:  

1.  Observe the rules of the home court or host teams.
2.  Remember that we are guests and never berate our hosts.
3.  Maintain a high level of decorum and dignity at all times.
4.  Accept play decisions made by our hosts.
5.  Accept defeat gracefully and winning humbly. 


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